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RM Unvented Slimline Direct Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder - 120 Litre
RM Unvented Slimline Direct Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder - 120 Litre

RM Unvented Slimline Direct Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder - 120 Litre

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Measuring just 475mm in diameter the RM Stainless Slimline Direct, like the rest of the RM catalogue, has been carefully developed and purpose built to exacting standards. Designed to offer hot water in properties where auxiliary heat sources are not present, the Direct operates using solely electric to power the inbuilt 3kW immersion heaters.

Cylinder Is Supplied With The Following:
  • Cold Water Inlet Set
  • Tundish
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Expansion Vessel
  • 3kW Immersion
Made In Stainless...

RM Cylinders manufacture all our Unvented units using Duplex Stainless Steel where other companies may use lesser grades of Steel.

Duplex has been chosen due to its substantially higher tensile strength, allowing units to be produced using thinner walls in relation to other materials, which results in a lighter unit.

Traditional methods worldwide produce products using mild steel with a vitreous enamel lining, this construction maybe on offer in the uk as a cheaper alternative but result in a heavier product with a more stringent servicing regime and a generally shorter lifespan.

There are many grades of Stainless Steel on offer in the market with varying degrees of corrosion resistance. RM manufacture the shell using only Duplex 2304 Stainless Steel and 316L for coils & bosses, this is seen as a far superior grade, and together with our modern manufacturing process allows us to offer the long guarantees the market has come to expect from our Stelflow range of cylinders.

This mix of Duplex and Austenitic Steels are considered to be the ideal group of metals for hot water tanks, having good fabrication qualities, strength, and excellent resistance to stress and corrosion.

Material however is not the full story. Having the best material is just the start, knowing what to do with the material is equally as important, which is why we have a butt joined assembly with no overlapping, eliminating crevices.

When welding our cylinders a backing gas is used to ensure deep welding penetration and a clean internal weld. If the weld is not clean or crevices are present then this may encourage corrosion and weaknesses within the product.

Once the welding process has been completed the cylinder is pickled and passivated , this involves coating all internal surfaces of the cylinder with a solution followed by flushing the cylinder out with water. This process restores the passive film to all welded areas providing protection against premature corrosion, and giving the unit its long guarantee.

Corrosion Advice:
Even when using stainless steel vessels, corrosion can still be an issue. This can occur when units are connected to a private supply, wells or where the water has a high concentration of Chlorine (CI) in excess of 200PPM. It is the responsibility of the installer to establish the water and supply type before installations takes place. In cases where the water is found to be outside these parameters additional protection against corrosion will be required. To combat this issue, RM can supply a Stainless steel vessel with a built-in electrical anode, which must be specified at the time of order as a unit cannot be upgraded. Failure to follow these guidelines will invalidate the product guarantee if the unit fails due to corrosion.