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GAH Coldstream Direct Hot Water Cylinder 215 Litres - 200 Litre Accumulator
GAH Dualstream Direct Hot Water Cylinder - 210 Litres

GAH Coldstream Direct Hot Water Cylinder 215 Litres - 200 Litre Accumulator

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Bedrooms:5, Bathrooms: 2, Shower Rooms:1
Introducing Coldstream

The GAH Coldstream systems by GAH, have been developed as an advanced solution for domestic hot and cold water installations. A GAH Coldstream system will increase the water volume and maintain the mains pressure to both the hot and cold csupplies when more than one outlet is use at the same time.

GAH Coldstream has been designed to function on the minimum standard for domestic water supply as provided by local water authorities - which is 1 Bar at 9 litres per minuet at bouundary.

GAH Coldstream accumulators can also be utilised to increase the flow rates to unvented cylinders, combination boilers, heat exchangers, electric showers and other mains fed applications.

GAH offer full technical assistance and design service to enable the optimum GAH Coldstream system to be configured to overcome situations where poor mains supply and pressure are considered a problem.

How the GAH Coldstream System Works

The system mainly comprises an Accumulator (cold water storage vesssel)

The accumulator has a internal controlled butyl diaphragm, incoming cold water is stored within this diaphragm at mains pressure. The air space between the diaphragm and the Accumulator case is pressurized, this balances the supply and maintains pressure to an unvented cylinder or mains pressure appliance and cold outlets. When hot water from the incoming mains, this results in consistent pressure and flow to all taps, showers and baths when outlets are used simultaneously. Pressure will be sustained as long as the Accumulator is of adequate size and is holding sufficient volume of water.

More than one Accumulator can be lined together to satisfy greater demand.

GAH Coldstream System Features

  • All taps and showers are at the maximum incoming mains pressure.
  • Provides increased water flow rate to both hot and cold water outlets.
  • Suitable for properties with very low mains flow rates (9 litres per minuet).
  • Suitable for properties with small bore (15mm( mains feed.
  • Balanced Hot and Cold water supply pressures.
  • Minimal pressure drop when more than one tap is in use.
  • No loft storage tank - no risk of water stagnation.
  • Completely sealed system. low risk of Legionella.
  • Wholesome water to all cold taps.
  • No tank filling noise.
  • GAH Coldstream utilities GREEN TECHNOLOGY, no electrics or wasted energy.
GAH Coldstream Application

The GAH Coldstream range of Accumulators from GAH Heating Products has been designed for installation on mains fed systems, to provide increased flow rates and stabilize pressure problems.When installed on a main supply, feeding a Combination boilers, it will ensure maximum flow rate through the boiler when other outlets are turned on, and stop pressure fluctuations provided the Accumulator and pipework is sized correctly. Although the performance will be greatly improved, you cannot improve on the combination boilers maximum given hot water outlet. When installed on existing unvented systems you create the Dualstream principle and maximize the cylinders performance and that of the balanced cold supplies, by increasing the volume through the Accumulator. Other factors need to be considered when sizing or choosing the Accumulator model.

GAH strongly recommend that pressure and flow readings are undertaken to establish whether there is a flow rate or pressure problem.
The accumulator can be installed anywhere on the main supply entering the property, basement, utility, loft etc, and there must be a check valve installed on the main supply and 3.5 Bar pressure reducing valve if the pressure is likely to rise above 5 Bar. The air charge in the Accumulator is factory set pressure minimum vessel pressure 0/5 - 0/8 Bar, (consult GAH if lowering to this pressure) to allow water to enter the vessel. The lower the mains pressure the less water that can be stored in the Accumulator, so always remember to over size the accumulator by at least one or two sizes larger than the unvented cylinder or flow rate requirements.