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Ariston Classico HE STD Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder - 210 Litre
Ariston Classico HE STD Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder - 210 Litre

Ariston Classico HE STD Direct Unvented Hot Water Cylinder - 210 Litre

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Bedrooms:5, Bathrooms: 2, Shower Rooms:1
Being able to turn on any tap in the home and get hot and cold water at mains pressure is something that we would all love to have. With the highly innovative range of Ariston unvented cylinders - this is now a reality. Feeding all the home s taps directly from the incoming cold water main removes the need for a cold water storage tank in the loft, freeing up the space, eliminating the risk of freezing pipes and providing many other benefits.

Unvented systems have been widely used across the world for decades, and started becoming increasingly popular in the UK over 25 years ago. Nowadays, they account for approaching half of all new hot water storage systems.

To ensure that our products meet the changing needs of our customers we undertake continuous research into new technologies and design; as is demonstrated by the current range of Ariston unvented cylinders. Ariston are unique in the fact that they offer cylinders produced from both steel with a vitreous enamel (glass) lining (ST and Classico HE ranges) and cylinders produced from Stainless Steel (Aquabravo range).

The glass-lined models are available as either wall mounted (ST 100) or floor standing (Classico HE 125 500 litres) whilst the Stainless Steel Aquabravo range is available as floor standing models (80 - 305 litres).

Both the Classico HE and Aquabravo ranges can be heated either directly by electricity or indirectly by an additional heat source e.g. gas or oil. The Aquabravo floor standing cylinders, at just 550mm wide, boast low heat loss. And, with all the connections accessible from the front, they can be readily fitted in the tightest of spaces.

  • Quality steel tank, 12 bar pressure tested
  • Environmentally sound and highly efficient insulation
  • Simple installation
  • Unvented kit supplied with cylinder
  • Immersion heaters supplied with regulation thermostats and dual pole thermal cut-outs
  • Exclusive vitreous enamel coating (Glass Lining)
  • Magnesium anodes to protect against corrosion
  • Secondary return tapping
  • Factory fitted ½" T&P relief valve
  • 25 year tank guarantee (2 year guarantee on electrical components)