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GAH Coldstream Cold Water Accumulator - 200 Litre
GAH Coldstream Cold Water Accumulator - 200 Litre

GAH Coldstream Cold Water Accumulator - 200 Litre

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Bedrooms:0, Bathrooms: 0, Shower Rooms:1

coldstream & dualstream Technology
coldstream and dualstream systems have developed the use of accumulator technology toincrease the flow of water and balance the mains pressure to hot and cold supplies, providing consistent pressure and flow of water when more than one outlet is used at a time. This can be particularly useful in multi-bathroom properties and properties with electric showers and water heaters, or in areas that experience fluctuation problems a nd poor flow rates.

Why choose coldstream?
A coldstream accumulator can be linked to an existing unvented cylinder (provided all criteria set out in the installation manual are met) or combi boiler. More than one accumulator can be linked together to satisfy greater demand.

GAH strongly recommend that pressure and flow readings are undertaken to establish whether there is a flow rate or pressure problem. ·

Pressure problems?
It should be noted that the accumulator technology does not increase the pressure. The water pressure will only be as good as that in the mains feed to the property. If you do have a pressure problem, please consult GAH, as we may be able to recommend on alternative solution.

Summary of features of the coldstream
• Balanced flow of water to all outlets (taps, showers, baths)
• Water to all outlets is suitable for drinking
• More than one cylinder can be used to satisfy greater demand
• Simple to install (dualstream is pre-plumbed)
• 2 year guarantee from GAH
• No open header tanks
• Green technology - no energy is used in the operation of either system

Note: 25 year warranty on hot cylinder only against manufacturers defects

Technical Information

coldstream - Accumulator dimensions, see drawing A
Accumulator ModelSizeMaximum Water Content (at 2 bar)mmHeightWeight Empty

100Up to 55410mm890mm16.3
200Up to 110535mm1100mm30.4

240Up to 130535mm1215mm37.2

310Up to 160535mm1500mm44.5
450Up to 240668mm1530mm69.5

coldstream - Parts supplied with coldstream system, see drawing B
Single Check Valve122mm for 15mm and 22mm for incoming mains
28mm for 28mm incoming mains

22mm Ball Valve
22mm 100,200,240,300
28mm 500
1For domesdtic cold water

Pressure Reducing Valve1For incoming main